All you need to know for getting the perfect nude lips!

So…what do you mean by NUDE?

I heart sunnies

i heart heart Sunnies

cute photo idea :)


The difference your contour placement makes

What’s the difference wednesday

Know How and Where to Save

Save your dolla bills.

Our IIID Foundation is so easy to use, your husband, your mother and you can do it!

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Girls in Glasses <3

Nerd Alert!

This hair is foolproof. Quick video on these curls!


tastes so good!!!

Netflix Picks & the Best Popcorn Ever Made in the History of Popcorn

coconut oil to remove eye makeup

Hall monitor alert.

Makeover Monday <3

makeover monday – Tiffani

love wearing dresses

Friday Favorites



I’m lovin’ this gorgeous kimono

Friday Favorites

Pretty Peach Lips

Latest Love: Peach Lips

I'm obsessed with this stuff!


Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Wonderful


Brows Make Such a Difference!

What’s the difference Wednesday

Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty

10 Minute Makeover Video

10 Minute Makeover

Green Smokey Eye tutorial! Such a fun variation on the typical Smokey eye!

Green Smokey Eye

Soft Neutral Makeup Tutorial - Maskcara

Soft Neutral Makeup Tutorial (Maskcara)

Can you believe this is the same girl?!

Small tweeks make a BIG difference.

Sky High Curls

sky high curls

Tips for Buttery Smooth Foundation!

6 Tips for buttery smoooth foundation