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Easy, cheap and natural way to remove your makeup. I've never tried another way I liked better!

Coconut Oil Eye Makeup Remover | Maskcara
  • ALDIJANA Fashions
    ALDIJANA Fashions

    I second that! Been doing this and it feels great, plus no chemicals!

A super quick trick for thick full curls!

Big Sexy Hair

Eye Shadow School: Color Theory

Eye shadow school: Finding the BEST colors.

Tip Tuesday: Bright eyes

Tip Tuesday: Bright eyes.

Messy hair trend

I don’t care – Party Hair

The most incredible self tanner! She tried all of them and the best one will shock you!


Not too bold, not too bare.

The Midi Lip

Eye Shadows, Makeup Beautiful

I Shadow Everything Brush

My tried and true baby favorites!

Baby Favorites | Maskcara

Quick everyday brush sanitizer!

so clean | Maskcara

Blend Makeup

Pinned from

Foundation Brush

IIID Foundation Brush

This Technique is so QUICK and easy!! 60 second smokey eye!

Eyeshadow School: When There’s smoke…

Easy makeup tutorial!

Soft Neutral Makeup Tutorial

These ideas are easy to follow and will make a HUGE difference!

The bigger the better.

Highlight Re-fill $9

Highlight Re-Fill

Coconut oil. Perfect travelling companion.


The Essentials

New goodies!

Maskcara Cosmetics | 30 Second HAC Brush | $ 35.00

30 Second HAC Brush

I could never get this right until I got the right products and a few key things from this post!

Tip Tuesday: nose contouring

Makeover video using Maskcara IIID Foundation!

makeover monday - Nicole
  • savanna garner
    savanna garner

    She's gorgeous without makeup. So lucky! But the eye makeup really makes her eyes pop. Even more than. They already do.

  • Mindy Lowe
    Mindy Lowe

    I can never watch the videos on this blog. They say video but there's never a play icon. I clicked on everything highlighted n the pic n nothing.

  • Sophia jones
    Sophia jones

    She's gorgeous. Wow.

  • savanna garner
    savanna garner

    Yeah, me neither mindy.

Eyeliner School: the stamp

Eyeliner School: The Stamp

Tone your hair and make it shine for nearly nothing!

DIY Toner | Maskcara

Beautiful before & after makeover using Maskcara IIID Foundation!

Highlight and contour: OK for everyday? Is it just a fad?

Simple tips that make a huge difference!

Common makeup Mistakes | Maskcara