17 Fast and Super Creative DIY Hairstyle Ideas For More Spectacular Holidays

Need to get party-ready in a pinch? Or maybe you're in need of a new look for that upcoming dinner party? Our Low Rolled Updo is just the thing! Simple hair for show

Lots of cute little girl 'do's.  Very helpful for moms of girls.

Lots of cute little girl 'do's. Very helpful for moms of girls. Saves me from having to think of "new" hairstyles that my daughter is always wanting. -Ok so i'm pinning this with optimism that my daughter will one day have enough hair to do this.

This woman is fabulous!  She has so many great styles and tips!

Elegant half up-do - this girl kind of bugs me in her videos but the hair is cute


31+ braiding hair secrets - that just might change your life.

Yessss lol @beyondcookiecut mix this with the sea salt spary and weeeeee…

15 Easy No-Heat Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

Easy twisty bun tutorial: almost looks like a messy updo! A Little Slice Of: Easy Twisty Bun messy bun tutorial

Ombre nails

Nail Art Alert! How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

Looking For the Best Tutorials For Ombre Nails? Are you a DIY girl looking for a step by step tutorial on gel or acrylic ombre nails or want new nail ideas?

TBD mastering falsies


Cool hair ideas

Love her 30 styles in 30 days! If my hair would just grow! 30 Uses for Coconut Oil Gorgeous 30 hairstyles in 30 days 30 hairstyles in 30 da.

10 easy school hairstyles for girls

10 easy school hairstyles for girls - Can't wait until Maeve's hair is a bit longer.