Daniele Caramanico

Daniele Caramanico

Daniele Caramanico
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A concept for Amara/Sorcha I found on DA. ___  Carciphona - rain by shilin.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A piece for May set on Patreon ! Become a patron by May 31 or and receive:High-res jpgsstep-by-step work in progress snapshotslayered PSD filesHD timelaps.

Conspiracy: Take the Crown - Kaya, Ghost Assassin Alternate art

f Rogue Thief magic Leather Armour dagger story mage Chris Rallis

I just wanted to be special… by ribkaDory <---okay, this makes me sad, but I…

I just wanted to be special… by ribkaDory. I'm usually not a fan of the alternate universe stuff, but I do like Spider-Gwen.

Superman ®

Superman by Jorge Jimenez

Chat Noir/Adrien X Bad Reader (or.

Character costume inspiration http://hey-writers.tumblr.com/

Training clothes (works for both R and O) --> Character costume inspiration


Visions of the Future: Demobaza.

Medusa by SheepNumber97245 this is awesome

Medusa inspired art, love the drawing style


Post-apocalypse fashion /post-apocalyptic clothing / wear / dystopian / apocalypse / apocalyptic / women's fashion/ looks / style / female

Obviously Mass Effect, but I can't help but think of an M-Girl Traveller character. Casual Shepard by Arlmuffin on deviantART

arlmuffin blue eyes cargo pants casual commander shepard commander shepard (female) hands in pockets hood down hoodie lips mass effect messy hair armor pants redhead short hair solo