How to hide your cords~need to remember this!

How to hide your cords~need to remember this! Use a split cord extension and small, clear Command hooks.

Bookmark Corner Characters- 1st week activity to get them psyched about reading!!!

DIY idea for Origami monster book marks - this would be a great March Reading Month project for the kindergarten

door organiser - this looks easy enough

Another pinner wrote Do Not Forget door hanger - Great gift! Too bad I don't have a doorknob like this on our front door and Conner would get into all of this. I need mine up higher!

A peacock in your garden with wine bottles

Wine bottle peacock for the garden. Given the amount of wine I drink. Thats alot of peacocks.

creative wedding cake

Bride and groom cake. This cake is awesome. I love the bride and groom toppers. (: I very much dislike the classic ones.


Origami level Yoda.

The Force is strong with this one. The Force of awesomeness that is. This Origami Yoda is some next level Jedi paper folding. Sure you could buy a Star War