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Our volunteers are on the top of list because their contributions are priceless. They have donated countless hours of work in the garage, on the road and at…
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a woman standing in a room next to a lamp and boxes with items on it
a man standing next to a wooden table on top of a sidewalk
Jonathan Schmidt
three women standing under a tent at an airshow posing for the camera with their arms around each other
Booth Bunnies: Jeanine - Susan - Pat
two men sitting at a table in front of a motor home
Susan - Dan
a woman standing in front of a camper trailer with the name ravella aerospace on it
three men working on an outdoor project in front of a house with other people around
Craig - Joe, Jr. - Dan - Karin
three men sitting at a table with laptops
Dan - Joe Jr - Joe Sr
two men working on a car engine in a driveway next to some bushes and trees
Dan & Tico
a man standing next to a table on top of a sidewalk
a man in an orange shirt is working on a model airplane that's being built
a man is working on something in his workshop
Joe Sr
Joe Sr