Kaibosh identity


Branding, Identity and store concept for the Norwegian eyewear brand Kaibosh.

Señalética de @tabakalera_donostia Wayfinding by @estudiohusmee #signage #design #wayfinding #typography #graphicdesign #tabakalera #donostia #culture #international #culturecenter #architecture

Using a textured surface (here OSB board) to mount signage etc creates depth and allows for easy interchange and alterations - perhaps oak panels would work best in the context of Dioscen House

Central Signs | Signage, Directional, Illuminated, Wayfinding, Architectural | Kirrawee NSW

Backlit aluminium suspended ceiling signs with subsurface graphics and aluminium monuments with applied graphics.

We& obsessed with this fresh, fun, and funky branding and packaging for Blend Station, a neighborhood coffee shop located in Mexico City.

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