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    Random Acts of Kindness/ Secret Service

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    Random Acts of Kindness/ Secret Service

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    Acts of Kindness-52 Ideas for bringing kindness into someone's world

    Katherine Marie : 52 Smiles

    Sheldon Cooper gives a compliment in his own way

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    Pennies of Time: Object Lesson on Acts of Kindness

    Pennies of Time: Object Lesson on Acts of Kindness

    Pay it Forward with youth group, using parable of the talents. Give each kid $5, have them pray about how God will have them use it, step out in faith.

    Pay It Forward: Free Youth Group Lesson - Youth Ministry Collective

    Pay it forward day. One activity that I love: FREEZE TAG- Play freeze-tag and “unfreeze” the person by saying something kind about them.

    Sample Lesson Plans

    What a great idea to pay it forward... hide "nice" messages in the eggs - hide them all over for people to find... I'll have to do this at my local strip mall....

    Day by Day: Schoolwide Easter Egg Hunt--RAOK

    Random Acts of Kindness - Activities ... We did this last year as a class, I think my group this year would like and be able to do this

    The Polka-dotted Teacher:'s a Secret!

    Secret Service Mission: Sticky Notes!

    Secret Service

    Video: Explaining the "Breakfast Club", where kids do acts of kindness for others anonymously. Got whole school involved, even the community. Would love to see SS group do this!! Good video to present the idea to staff/principal

    Pitt River Middle School - Random Acts of Kindness AKA "The Breakfast Club"

    Video: Middle schoolers paying it forward (similar to lifevest kindness video, but with kids instead of adults)

    East Middle School's Acts of Kindness

    Video: Girl's friend gets diagnosed with cancer and loses her hair. Friend shaves her own head so her friend doesnt have to be bald alone, but gets suspended from school because of it.

    9 Year Old Girl Suspended From School for Act of Kindness

    VIdeo: A student was getting picked on for having holes in shoes. Another student noticed, found a way to get him new shoes without embarrassing the student.

    Act of kindness: Student sees classmate being made fun of, gives him new shoes

    video: Thank you notes for when someone is kind to you

    First-graders’ acts of kindness catch on

    Appreciation Station set up in cafeteria- kids come by and write notes to adult helpers in the school. (Thankful Tuesdays)

    Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015

    Story about a Senior prank- Asked the principal to stand in the hall and hold a bucket. One by one, seniors walked by him and dropped a note into his bucket, thanking him and showing appreciation for everything he has done over the years. (bucket fillers- elementary!!)

    Wichita principal calls seniors’ prank ‘the coolest thing ever’

    Free Online K-12 Kindness Lesson Plans for teachers, counselors and parents. #SEL #character #lessonplans #kindness #school #culture

    Lesson Plans | Random Acts of Kindness

    41 Random Acts of Kindness ideas - might be cool to do a class challenge!

    Sweet Blessings

    random acts of kindness quotes (our 2014 random act of kindness project) #raok via lilblueboo Ashley Hackshaw

    Random Acts of Kindness and Free Printable 8x10 Artwork

    Great video for middle/high school students on Random Acts of Kindness/ Pay it Forwards. Contains teens graffitiing and bullying (pushing a kid down).

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    Help Acts of Kindness. Great kindness ideas! ex. Use a deck of cards- each card represents a different Act of Kindness from list. Draw a card, do a deed!

    HelpOthers is now KindSpring

    printable Smile cards to leave after doing a random act of kindness- available in different languages and designs! Help Acts of Kindness

    HelpOthers is now KindSpring

    Kindness Project: students complete things in each category over the course of a week

    The Middle School Counselor

    RAK in action!! Great video to introduce Kindness. Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang - "One Day"

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    Random Acts of Kindness Week- updated to include RAK week morning announcements -The Inspired Counselor Blog

    The Inspired Counselor: Random Acts of Kindness Week

    100 Acts of Kindness classroom challenge- free download

    100 Acts of Kindness