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Love this!Rules for life, motivation, inspiration. 7 Cardinal Rules For Life.

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write - go - enjoy - smile - look - eat - see - want - give - work - find - drink - create - make

-Golden Girls. Can't get enough

20 Great "Golden Girls" Comebacks

Love the Golden Girls! This is a link to 20 awesome Golden Girls comebacks.

golden girls

The 12 Absolute Best Style Tips From "Golden Girl" Blanche Devereaux

Every. Single. Time

8 Essential Tips On How To Be A Classy Drunk - Page 5 of 9

When I get off work I'm going to binge drink & pretend today never happened

Last child!

Which one are you?

this is so cool! I am an only child and a middle child. I was an only child for about 7 years then my parent got remarried so I have step sisters. But it's cool to see I have most qualities from middle child and only child.

Show that rainbow

Everything is NOT black and white. When you reduce life to only black and white, you never see rainbows.


MORE!_More of a good thing!_"More sleep; more music; more tea; more book; more sunsets; more creating; more long walks; more laughter; more hugs; more dreaming; more road trips; more fun; more love!

Christina Aguilera

My favourite quote, it always shows how even if life is hard and it isn't going your way, you ARE going to end up somewhere amazing - Christina Aguilera