Introduction to SCA Clothing

clasp: Second quarter of the fourteenth century.

Reproduction probably from a movie. Still this is a beautiful gown.

Środa treasure – Poland

Article on the recreation of the fabric for the Golden Gown of Queen Margareta

Star-Shaped Brooch with Intaglio, second half of 10th century (setting); intaglio A.D. 337-350 Ottonian (Rhineland (?)); Byzantine (intaglio)

10th century

10th century Hedeby viking high boots by ~GilnarVeldasir on deviantART

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology: Canterbury Anglo Saxon Brooch with glass inlays

Anglo Saxon animal ornament

"A Saxon of the lower peasant class . . . ."

#Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' #Bow #Brooch

Anglo-Saxon Archaeology: West Stowe

Madra Uisce by on @deviantART

Hatteberg Brooch, Hatteberg, Norway, 9th Century.stunning

500s Anglo-Saxon: With broad ribbon gold hoop expanding to the bezel, the bezel decorated with vertical column of three garnet inlays in raised mounts, a square inlay in the centre with circular inlay above and below, flanked by scrolling filigree work at either side, punched triangular decoration around the borders with hatching at the edge, hoop split 20mm diam.; weight 7.43 grams

Enamelled gold set with emeralds, rubies and pearls. Southern Germany, circa 1600

V and A Collections

Italian Queen Marie-Jose's Seed-Pearl tiara. She was the last Queen of Italy. Her thirty-five day reign as queen consort earned her the affectionate nickname the May Queen.

Pourpoint This dress is based on extant original which belonged to Charles de Blois (second half of the 14th century). Pattern is here. Clothing also include hood with dagges, embroidered belt, woolen embroidered hoses and flat soles hinged-pattens. Pictures of those parts are on next pages.

Tiara from The Little Shop of Sparkles Pink Rosaline by tlsos, $240.00

Ocean Empress Crown Medieval Renaissance by gloryhounddesigns, $174.00


Amethyst and Pearl coronet crown Medieval by gloryhounddesigns, $245.00