Birthday Messages and Quotes

These are some great birthday messages and quotes. Some are pictures of birthday graphic sayings and other will just link to the great resources for crafting the perfect birthday wish.
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Examples of what to write in Christmas cards. Some silly and fun examples too that I like.

These are some fun ways to wish someone a happy half birthday. #happy #half #birthday #wishes

"Be sure to jot them down....."

Here are examples of friend birthday card messages that could also be used on Facebook, Twitter, or other places. Get ideas and tips for writing in a friend's birhthday card.

Funny Birthday Wishes

Examples of birthday messages to write for your son or daughter. Parent's know their sons and daughters well, but they might need examples of what to write in their kid's card.

Late birthday wishes

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Free New Year and New Year's Eve chalkboard printables of famous quotes, poems, and Bible verses for the New Year

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Birthday Wishes and Quotes. Here's a word cloud for ideas of what to write in a card.

15th birthday messages

Friend Birthday Poem

Friend Birthday Poem

Friend Birthday Poem

Friend Birthday Poem

Friend Birthday Poem

Inspirational Poem for a Friend's Birthday

Everything you need to write in a birthday card. #birthday #quotes

Birthday wishes for your daughter-in-law

Funny Birthday Message

Funny 50th birthday saying. #birthday #quotes #saying #joke

These are examples of what to write in a 5-year-old kid's birthday card. These are funny and cute wishes and poems.

Silly 5th Birthday Poem

Acrostic 5th Birthday Poem