Gráfico suculenta identificação & Informação crescendo, zonas de clima, condições, etc., para uma grande variedade de plantas suculentas

Succulent identification chart & growing info, climate zones, conditions, etc. for a wide variety of succulents plants

Broken Fairy Pot

Broken Pot Fairy Garden Tutorial With Video

Linda suculenta branca

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Echeveria taurus red

Echeveria taurus red (AKA Romero) leaf color that is more of a purple-gray with less prominent red markings, smaller rosette than Ebony.

'Desert Diamond' echeveria

》》》Agave 'Desert Diamond' (Desert Diamond Century Plant) Agave 'Desert Diamond' is the latest Hans Hansen introduction.a wide edged sport of Agave 'Kissho Kan'. Compared to its parent, Agave 'Desert Diamond' is slightly slower growing due to the extra w