Human Skin Gloves made by serial killer Ed Gein

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The really funny part about Aechelus is that he had received a prophecy saying that he would die as a result of something falling on his head. Because of this, he stayed outdoors at all possible times.

The Most Unusual And Unlikely Deaths Throughout History

ed mortuary trolley, England, 1895-1905:

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crime scene gore

Infographic: How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works

Weegee Crime scene

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Columbine Crime Scene

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Crime Scene, late 1930s

25 Vintage Police Record Photographs

Abby Borden crime scene

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Crime scene photos // gothamist

16 Grisliest Crime Scene Photos From 1920s NYC

Keddie murders crime scene.

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Tasha Maher

Bucks Row murder site

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Bone Saws


The REAL New York underworld: Chilling black and white pictures of 1920s crime scenes reveal the Big Apple's bloody history

The REAL New York underworld: Chilling black and white pictures reveal the Big Apple's grisly history of crime

Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

Community Post: Dead Bodies On Mount Everest

two dead bodies lying at the bottom of an elevator shaft November 24, 1915 told the story of the pair's failed robbery attempt

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Weird: Finding two dead bodies while you're flying a kite. Freaky Weird: They are wearing raincoats, lead masks, and carrying a note about waiting for something to happen.

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A Land of Deepest Shade: Victorian Home Memorial Shrines

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Double suicide. ca. 1890,

ca. 1890, [two friends hanging together] - Sombre Boîte

'37 Packard Art Carved Hearse

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Sayers Scovill Hearse

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The Death Coach, also known as the Coach-a-bower or Coshta-Bower, is a staple in Irish folklore. It is a large, black horse drawn hearse, pulled by six black stallions. In some tellings of the story, these stallions have no head.

The Black Hat Society

Hearse Inspiration

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old funeral advertisements | LIVE AND LET LIVE PRICES!

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"At Rest" - Victorian coffin screw.

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Maryland Embalming House.

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