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Foods My Kids LOVE!

This board givs you a peek into foods my kids love and kid-friendly favorites in my household. I incorporate these into all meals of the day. Hope this inspires you when trying to find foods (especially fruits/veggies) to introduce to your kids.
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Quinoa with Roasted Peppers

20 Romantic Dinners for Two Click here to download Whole grain healthy side dish with quinoa and roasted mini peppers. Click here to download Click here to download Wheat Tortilla with Grilled chicken by cravecookclick Click here to download


Yummy Lunch Ideas - Yummy Lunch Box Gallery - Easy Lunch Boxes, Bento Lunches Check out Dieting Digest


Lunch box ideas. My kids can pick what they want for their lunch. Can have the number of items from each basket listed on front. Genius!!!



25 Healthy Apple Recipes

25 Healthy Apple Recipes for Fall-Time | Use the amount of sugar called for in recipes with Pyure Stevia All-Purpose to make Sugar-Free... It's a or ratio cup sugar = cup Pyure All-Purpose]


Strawberries and Cream Sandwiches

Cool Whip & chopped strawberries mixed together & spread between graham crackers then frozen. Can use chocolate crackers.