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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

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Not gonna lie. That was the first time I felt afraid of the Doctor. This episode was so deep!

Every time.

On the 50th anniversary show...

"What if Moffat's the Doctor, and he's just telling us what happened?"

Oh, River, River, River. More than a friend, I think.

Trust me, Im the Doctor

random whovians

Right in the feels


*crying violently*

Vashta Nerada - hahaha!

The Doctor’s face :)



Yep, that's exactly the episode. It's not like there was another, classic series Doctor Who was based on

Here come the feels

I love them

Nine and Rose Tyler Fan Art: Nine and rose

I miss rose...:'(

This is one of the most powerful scenes I think in all of Doctor Who. Else really opened his heart(s).

It's okay guys Rory and Amy did get to raise a kid it's The Doctor.

Ten and Rose