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    Decorating with Balloons

    Decorating with Balloons

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    "Chalkboard" balloons

    Confetti balloons!!

    Hanging balloons, put a marble inside before you blow it up. Cheaper than paper lanterns!

    Use golf tees to put balloons in the ground lining the walkway to your party.

    DIY Balloon Pumpkin Patch {Easy & Fast!}

    Another great example of using balloons as table centerpieces. It only takes a few per centerpiece and they really fill a room - especially if your room has tall ceilings.

    Create giant snowflakes for a "winter wonderland" theme.

    If your event will primarily use balloons as decorations, try carrying that theme throughout the entire event - you can even put a picture of a balloon on your invitation.

    DIY Balloon Party Invitations - you could do this with a CARES event flyer - you could use a plain balloon, it doesn't have to be custom printed. It will be sure to catch your residents' attention.

    Create a balloon wall - great for the backdrop for a food table, or use it as a backdrop for a photobooth.

    Balloon Party Favors

    Don't forget to use unconventional balloons - like these paper balloons you can use to decorate your food.

    Don't just settle for solid-colored balloons - look for patterns, either in your local store or online.

    Add decorative elements to your balloons - for instance, you could cut out black paper mustaches for a "sophisticated" theme.

    Japanese Paper Balloons - DIY or buy online - great for a summer party.

    Have a small budget? Use balloons as your table centerpieces.

    Simply using four oversized balloons can add some pizazz to your food table.

    Hang balloons from a string for a decorative fence effect.

    Use a high number of balloons tied to chairs for a dramatic look.

    hot air balloon decor

    Confetti in a white or clear balloon.

    Oversized balloons

    DIY Fringe Balloons

    Glowing Balloons! What A Great Night Party Idea! Take a glow stick or glow necklace and insert it inside the balloon before blowing it up.