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For Groovy dress up day, I can temporarily sew patches on my jeans!


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Groovy Psychedelic Peace Sign - Printable Templates


Free Printable Peace Sign Coloring Pages

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I'll be handing these out to my shoppers at our Feelin' Groovy Book Fair! Rainbow Peace Sign Stickers from Oriental Trading.


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Groovy Book Fair Giveaway - library learners

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Groovy bulletin board for your Scholastic book fair. Use color diffusing paper or coffee filters. Color with washable markers, spray with water, and blot excess. Looks just like tie dye!


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Cari Young

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18 Rhinestone & Screen Printed Teacher Shirts & Gifts

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Stamped dollar store tablecloths turned into flags. Pinner's husband made trumpets made of extra long, heavy duty funnels from Walmart (in the automotive dept.) which fitted perfectly into plastic pvc pipes and painted gold. Total cost around $4 each including gold tassels.--wow!!


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Cari Young

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Use $1 plastic tablecloths to decorate doorways and windows.. Wonderful idea! Just think using red and green at Christmas and maybe putting a candy candy cane or two in the ribbon. How cute! (Librarian--think Scholastic tablecloths--for book fairs and beyond!)


That's My Letter: "P" is for Party #2

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Cute cut-outs turn kids into Elephant and Piggie (would be fun for book fair!)


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February 28

My nails are ready for the Scholastic Book Fair Fiesta with my Guacamole Nail wraps from Jamberry! This design is only available until February 28, but it's perfect for our fiesta #bookfair theme!


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Today's creation for our upcoming book fair! Tons of fun to do! The theme is obviously Fiesta! Olé!!!


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Cari Young

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Fiesta Spring 2014

Book Fair Fiesta: this taco display can be found in the Chairperson's Toolkit.


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Reading is a fiesta waiting to happen--like the ruffles at the top.


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Fiesta Book Fair: Teacher Invite for a sneak peek. Chiclets in a Ziplock.


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Cari Young

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Fiesta Teacher Wish List Baskets


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Scholastic Book Fair Spring 2013. We used the table cloths that came with the kit and cut them out like slime for an accent on the tables :) You can always cut and combine the table cloths for an extra splash of color!


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Cari Young

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Scholastic Book Fair "Mummy Monday". Students guessed the mummy staff person from the pictures on the board. This would be a fun book fair activity to adapt to any theme!


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Read box made from a Scholastic book fair box.


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Nothing draws a crowd quite like food! We loved this school's idea to invite food trucks to their Scholastic Book Fair family event- and it paid off in sales! Food trucks at the book fair would be awesome!


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4 Kid

Scholastic Book Fair Ideas

Scholastic Book Fairs employee dressed as Buzz from Tedd Arnold’s award winning FLY GUY series.


Scholastic Book Fairs - Your Reading Partner

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Seth'S Birthday

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Scholastic Book Fairs employee dressed as Darth Paper (from Tom Angleberger’s bestselling Origami Yoda series).


Scholastic Book Fairs - Your Reading Partner

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Christmas backdrop for pictures...We could do this with multi-color lights for our fiesta book fair this spring!


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Fiction and Nonfiction Sorting Activity- just use the boo club stickers that come in the mail!


Your Teacher's Aide: Fiction and Nonfiction Sorting Activity

Egyptian Themed Classroom

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Egypt Theme Party

Egyptian Birthday Party Kids

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Black Egyptian

This has some great ideas for Egyptian Decorations for the library!


Spectacular Story Time: SRP 2013: Dig into Reading!