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Coding Notebook: Worksheets, Signs, and Bookmarks for the Hour of Code & Beyond

Coding Notebook: Worksheets, Signs, and Bookmarks for Hour of Code and Beyond!

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Craft Stick Yarn Dolls for Kids to Make: a simple worry doll for Hispanic Heritage Month

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Makerspace Posters {Makerspace or STEM Lab Signs on Watercolor}

Colorful signs for the explorers and creators in your Makerspace! #makerspace #STEM

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Hour of Code: Coding Vocabulary Posters {45 Coding Vocabulary Terms}

Hour of Code: Computer Coding Vocabulary Posters- These 46 colorful coding posters are a great way to teach your students about computer science and frequently used coding vocabulary from

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LEGO Zip Line Activity And Kid's STEM Challenge

A cool LEGO zip line activity for kids and a great STEM challenge. Perfect boredom buster, screen free activity, or rainy day play. Our LEGO zip line is also a great physics lesson on angles, friction, motion, and force which also uses a simple machine, t

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Coding Bundle {Hour of Code Resources- Notebook, Vocabulary, Activities, & More}

Five great resources to teach your students all about code! Use these with the Hour of Code or any coding course to help your students get more out of coding!

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3D Printer Design Cards {3D STEM Print Designs} -32 Cards

3D Printer Design Cards- Great ideas for students to design using CAD design programs and print on a 3D printer.

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How to Create Makerspace Organization that Actually Works : Figuring out how to get (and keep) your makerspace organized can be a daunting task. I don't claim to have a magical organization system that works perfectly 100% of the time. But I have learned a few things about keeping our space organized over the last three years.

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