Zapatero a tu zapato

May Festival at our local Waldorf school.

Rainwater Harvesting Underground Water Tanks (Re-use Tank)

Sustainable Living Ideas by Atlantis Water Management. Ok if this was me I would build a few barrels underground and store water in them or have a valve that can fill it back up when turned on.

The AQUS Toilet System — Daily Find

The AQUS Toilet System

The aqus toilet system takes grey water from the sink and funnels it to the toilet tank, saving water.

#Construir es el ARTE de CReAR Infraestructura... #CReOConstrucciones y #Remodelaciones.

Dream garden - little pool in lush tropical garden setting. In harmony with nature. Doesn't every secret garden need a pool?

Joe is a huge fan of repurposed pool noodles, and now he's saving paint off the garage walls and car doors!

How to Make a Door Bumper with a Pool Noodle

Casa Vale do Lobo.

This Portugal Villa Has One Of The Wildest Pools You'll Ever See

The wild cantilvered pool reflecting pool and spa at Casa Vale do Lobo. 50 images of the villa at

Adding A Pre-Separator To Your Dust Collection System

Deluxe Dust Deputy With 5-Gallon Drum Kit

Adding a pre-separator to your single-stage dust collector will save you time and money. It’ll save you time because it’s a lot easier to empty one of these than the lower, or “chip,” bag of a bag-over- bag collector.

como hacer la instalacion sanitaria de un baño - Buscar con Google

Bathroom Sunken Space for pipings and other Plumbing Works. Though it is not very common these days, yet this practice helps us in easy repair works in case of blocks and also to add extra fittings in the future.

installing an AAV onto a drain pipe - step 3

Manufactured Home Plumbing: Drainage and Ventilation Issues

Learn how to repair your home's plumbing drainage and ventilation issues. Odor, gurgling, and slow drainage can be repaired easily!