Caribbean Tropical Flowers, Plants

Beautiful flowers, plants, trees, and fruits of the Caribbean region
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#‎IslandTime‬ ‪#‎DidYouKnow‬ Barbados is named after the bearded fig tree, which grows wild throughout the whole island and bears a sweet, edible fruit.

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Scotch Bonnet (known as goat pepper in #Bahamas)

A Great Caribbean Hot Sauce Recipe

By its vary names alone, this boundlessly beautiful cascade of vibrant tropical flowers crowning an equally striking tangle of trunk, limbs, roots, and leaves i

Le Flamboyant, So Much More Than a Plain Old Tree

Blue Bell Tunicate

Exotic Flowers

The Botanical Gardens of Nevis

The Botanical Gardens of Nevis

Martinique Botanical Gardens

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Travel 2 the Caribbean - L. Thompkins

Orchid World - Barbados

Orchid World Barbados

Orchid World - Barbados


Travel 2 the Caribbean Blog: Tropical Colors of the Caribbean

Tropical Colors of the Caribbean

Passiflora maliformis is native to the Caribbean, Cntral America and Northern South America

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Barbados Lilac Lily

Photo Gallery - Caribbean Travel Blog

Papaya Tree - Dominican Republic

Outback Adventures in the Dominican Republic - Time Travel Plans

Asa Wright Nature Center - Trinidad

Asa Wright Nature Centre & Bird Sanctuary Trinidad & Tobago

Poui trees are in full blossom in Trinidad

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Wild Passion Flower - Abaco, Bahamas

14 Reasons to Visit the Caribbean's Abaco Islands

Gloriosa lilies - Dominica garden

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Poinsettia - St Lucia

Travel 2 the Caribbean Blog: Stairway to Heaven - Tet Paul Trail St Lucia

Golden Penda Trees in St Lucia

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Jamaica Exotic fruits

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Beach grapes

Planeta Zoo -Año 6 Número 17 Marzo, 2010

Tamarind - a brown sticky fruit inside a hard outer case. In western cuisine it is used in Worcestershire and HP sauce. In Grenada and the Grenadines, once it is ripened it is used in snacks, drinks, jellies, jams, juices, chutneys, and ice-creams.

10 Delicious Caribbean Fruits To Try On Your Sailing Vacation

Orchids from St Kitts Eco Park

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Sorrel is a species of the hibiscus plant. Its a herb and can be boiled into a tasty drink during Christmas. Sugar and ginger are added. Some add wine/rum. Mine will always have rum! :)