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    Every damn month.

    can't..stop...laughing..and of course hoping that poor girl was okay after she fell.

    Yup :D

    Yes, I do.

    hahahahahah wtf

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    rain cat :D

    My typical night at work (11pm-7am...) = so true!!! Tired - 11:00pm Slightly Sleepy- 1:30am Extremely Hyper- 3am Super Sleepy- 5am Cranky 7:15am Knock Out- 7:30am

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    i dont know why i find this so funny...but it made me laugh anyways..and he is handsome so whatever haha

    hahaha love #15!

    Cari Koala


    hahaha true!

    love this


    Reminder: your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband. Cherish your girl friends and treat them right. Love this.

    "Drunk octopus wants to fight you" - last time I was at the hospital, they had these hooks. I told the radiologist the story about why it made me giggle and I'm sure she thought I was a bit mad. So, I'm saving the proof.

    Lena Swatti hahaha