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.30 DAY MUFFIN TOP CHALLENGE. It might seem like a lot to build up to, but you’ll be surprised by how quickly you can STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE & BLITZ THAT MUFFIN TOP. Simply print out the plan, set the clock, and perform the exercises for the specified time listed for each day. Let us know how you are getting on and support others to complete the challenge. Unsure of any of the exercises? CHECK OUT OUR VIDEOS… #lovehandles #muffintop #coreworkout #abworkout #bellyfat #sixpack #muffintopchalleng...

essential oils for dummys: This is a GREAT blog! Learn all the basics about essential oils here!

It's how I got started years ago, and it defiantly helped me kick that gross smoking habit I once had!

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Get rid of your back bulge around the bra area or muffin top with these effective moves. This site actually has really good tips!

Lynette shared this recipe for killing black mold with essential oils in some email correspondence we had about the awesome ways to use essential oils

3 PROVEN Ways to Permanently Fix Your Neck and Shoulder Pain (And Maybe Your Migraine Headaches)

Twice a Year Cleaning Secret For Sparkling Shower Doors; Only clean your shower doors twice a year and have them sparkling clean all year long!? What’s the secret? Well let me tell you…

This easy myofascial release exercise will give you relief! Now anyone can treat their own tight shoulders and necks anywhere and anytime.

Learning to Write Numbers :: Everyday Snapshots... I've always used this and the kids really love it!

Cleaning Tips that Reduce Dust

Lazy Day Casserole - sausage, potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, Italian seasoning. It not only smells wonderful, it is DELICIOUS!!! Definitely a keeper!