Friends of Type.

Damn right, it’s better than yours.

Erik Marinovich — "My Brushstrokes Bring All the Girls to the Yard" — on Art & Motion

Society of Design, PA.

The PA Society of Design invited Jessica Hische to come speak with them by making this invitation out of 27 actual, registered license plates (which the individuals in the club now use).

Riffle NW

logo translates well as functional sticker for the food box and the menu, business card, website, etc

Munich, 1972 Olympics.

Munich ’72 – Design Legacy

40 years ago, Otl Aicher and his team designed the revolutionary identity system for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. UCA Canterbury in the UK is celebrating this iconic work with an exhibition fe…

Ribbon Type Specimen. Lost Type Co-Op. $30 with purchase of "Ribbon."

Ribbon, designed by Dan Gneiding, is a lovely and cautiously ornate typeface sold by Lost Type

Laurie DeMartino for Julie Dasher Rugs

beautifully patterned business cards for Julie Dasher Rugs created by Minneapolis designer Laurie DeMartino

El Padrino screenprint poster, 1974  by Antonio Pérez González Ñiko

The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, Cuban design by Antonio Pérez González Ñiko

Jay B Sauceda

If my hubby gets my other property back for me, then I can make him a special place for his fishing gear