Robert Doisneau

Your name: Dominique V Photographers name: Robert Doisneau Title of Photograph: Growing Up Artist Bio: Education?: Doisneau studied at the .

Robert Doisneau

Paris, L'Etoile // Robert Doisneau The statue represents heroic love on a grand scale, the lovers below on a worldly human scale!

'Baiser Passage Versailles', 1950. Photo: Robert Doisneau.

Catch movement from other objects passing the couple by as they stay stationary, wrapped in their own moment Robert Doisneau - Baiser Passage Versailles, Paris, 1950

Robert Doisneau #photography

Parfois je pense que c’est la seule chose à faire . Haruki Murakami Photo Robert Doisneau I dream. Sometimes I think that it is the only thing to do. Haruki Murakami Picture by Robert Doisneau

Love and Barbed Wire (lovers in the Jardin des Tuileries during the occupation), Paris, 1944. Photo by   © Robert Doisneau.

“ love and barbed wire (lovers in the jardin des tuileries), paris 1944 © robert doisneau, from doisneau [the war ”


Robert Doisneau en el centenario de su nacimiento

(Learn how to play the cello) A man on the sidewalk in rainy Paris. The man uses his umbrella to protect his cello case. This is the famous cellist Maurice Baquet. The image was taken by photographer Robert Doisneau in