Carissa Coffindaffer

Carissa Coffindaffer

Carissa Coffindaffer
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How to Make a Glass Insulator Light

How to Make a Glass Insulator Light - GREAT idea, we've got tons of these insulators in our Antique's Mall.

How To Treat Sprains | Here Are 40 Retro Life Hacks You Can Still Use Today

40 Vintage Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That Are Still Genius Today - How To Treat Sprains

I will apparently need this to communicate with my friends

Essential Guide to British Slang - Brit slang is hella fun

funny tumblr comments

Lml foolproof *slow clapping it out*.

Some of these are funny

Lol I normally wouldn't pin period humor related posts but I had to because it's so true and I laughed harder than I should have.

So funny and so wrong. @Leanne

LOL to this so hard. "If your phone gets wet, try placing it in a bag of rice. At night, the rice will attract Asians who will fix your electronics for you.

funny texts - Google Search

As a girl I find this super funny <<< As a girl, I find this extremely stupid. Girls and boys are equal to each other. Boys are strong and handy, and girls are mature and practical.

Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Maggie, Michone, Tara, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Gabriel, Deanna, Aaron, Jesse, Spencer, and Morgan. The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6 Family. Except for Father Gabriel.

Untied. #poem #poetry

"When on the night you slipped from earth, I saw a shooting star" Forever loved and never forgotten.

You're packing up your sleeping bag, - Erin Hanson.