70's toys - silly putty.  This is for silly putty, but I remember doing this with blu-tac or something on the waxy comic books and when you pull it off you would have the comic printed on the blu-tac.

SILLY PUTTY and you always had to try and lift the comic off the page. Loved Silly Putty & funny pages. Also pressed quarters on it to make impressions.

Pink Lamby Love  Vintage Squeaky Toy 1950's by ProfessorWoodruff

Pink Lamby Love Vintage Squeaky Toy -- this baby held my bottle in my baby bed.

sprites - I loved these!!

sprites - I loved these! I remember Taco Bell having these!

Magic Rocks - this was a must-have toy in the 60's.  I remember it was less than impressive.  Much like Sea Monkeys were.

Magic Rocks - loved combining two or more packs into larger containers to grow

Antique German Bear and Baby Nodder

Antique toy performing circus bear nodder with baby bear. Typical German construction with mohair over papier-mache body, collar and cap of silk trimmed with Dresden paper trim. Via Living Tastefully.

pictures of toy from the 60's - Google Search . I love me some Gumby LOL!!

Gumby and his sidekick horse, Pokey, were claymation characters from the Watched on TV. I have both toys and a mini Gumby key chain figure.

Chrissy doll - one of my most favorites  toys from the 60's and 70's - Google Search

Chrissy Doll - had a centre piece of hair that you could pull out gently to make…by pushing the belly button

Rat Fink...............had a BUNCH of these from the coin machines !!!

had a BUNCH of these from the coin machines ! I had an orange one sewn on the front of my madras plaid bucket hat.

Candy Sprinkle cupcake doll.

Cupcakes :: Candy Sprinkle-- Bon Bon (Loose Cupcakes/Hats) [Ghost Of The Doll]

Old Steiff Rabbit Mohair Puppet W/ Button

Old Steiff Rabbit Mohair Puppet W/ Button