First Day of School activity

back to school: This is set up for grade but can be used for beginning of the year discussions of expectations. I did this with very similar questions for my third graders (and added a few) and it was a great start to the year with clear expectations

Math About Me!

Beginning of the year Math Intro project - Math About Me. This may be the perfect project for right before Winter Break to keep kids engaged! Or at the end of school.or the beginning of school. The possibilities are endless.

Creating a Math About Me Poster

fun Math About Me posters. brainstorming a list of all the things about themselves they could describe using numbers. Then, …

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Fun in Room 4B: Mean, Median, Mode and Range Foldable Freebie

Mean, Median, Mode and Range Foldable Freebie

Math Week by Week Essentials Freebie Downloads

Fabulous Fourth Grade: Favorite Sites-has a link to grade weekly math essentials. Maybe for Morning Mania?

E is for Explore!: Lego Fractions

After doing Lego Geometry with kids, I thought why not fractions? Make fractions fun with colorful legos! Give kids legos in various colors, then have them write a fraction for each color.

clock cube game. Roll the cubes, then move the hands on the clock to the correct time.

Great activity for kids to practice telling time. The dice have either numbers or 15 minute increments on it. Kids roll the die, and then have to put the right time on the clock. Great center idea - make up a wksht to log rolls and clock image

Cute poster for your math classroom! Free!

Cute poster for your math classroom! Classroom Poster / Art Wild Things door Tangram Polygon Challenge - great for fast finishers!

Hoola Hoop Clock for telling time

Students make a clock with a hula hoop! The numbers are attached to the hoop and students use their arms as the hands. So kinesthetic! Love it! (and love the face on the kid to the right--you just know he would rather be the hands of that clock)

Activities: Play Subtraction "War" or do the same for addition!

Play Subtraction

10 card games to Boost grade math skills - Here's how you can transform a deck of cards into a fun and interactive learning experience!

Math Flowers - Miss Kindergarten: Fill Up Your Basket!

Miss Kindergarten: FREE - Math Flowers/Building Numbers in Different Ways/Subtraction/Tens Frames/ Tally Marks/Addition Could give different set of directions to differentiate for each student. Could have then do during craft time on Friday!