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The Defibrillator Toaster    My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!”    “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME, DAMNIT!!!  NURSE, WE NEED 12 CC’S OF CREAM CHEESE, STAT!!!”    He’s bread, Jim.    Time of deliciousness: 7:15 A.M    If we don’t restart his heart , he’s toast!     JESUS CRUST.    JAM IT!    “Daddy’s in a butter place now, kids.”    --i pinned this simply for the description.

The Defibrillator Toaster puns: "WERE LOSING THEM!" -"Nurse we need 12 CC's of cream cheese, stat!" -Time of deliciousness: A.M -If we dont restart his heart , hes toast! -"Daddys in a butter place now, kids.

Pretty much. Oh I am laughing hysterically!

When things go terribly wrong…

Omgosh, too funny! Nailed it! For all of us who see idea's on pintrest and then are totally able to nail it! laugh out loud funny

I love this:) so much

Aladdin and Rapunzel. Also, notice how 'Aladdin' is the only movie named after the PRINCE, rather than the princess? Jasmine and Rapunzel, and Aladdin and that guy from Tangled.

The truth about Pinterest manicures.

Seriously, nobody.

Cute Hello Kitty inspired nail art design in hot pink and white shades. The polka dot tips and the hello kitty faces are simply adorable that they can make your nails stand out. The iconic pink bows of Hello Kitty… Continue Reading →

Mind blowing coincidences

Funny coincidence history about John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. But Lyndon B. Johnson was president upon Kennedy's assassination, not Andrew Johnson.history repeats itself in a weird way.

Yeah...my dad would use this

But I do not object to my daughter dating a guy with piercings or tattoos. My husband has both. I would use this for dating my daughter. Just change some things.

camera put in a haunted house! Bahaa

Can't stop laughing at these haunted house pictures. There's a reason I don't go to haunted houses:)

NO NO NO NO! lmaooo too true..I thought I was the only one

This commercial is so sad I cannot watch and I do exactly that have to change the channel every time! I wish people weren't jerks to animals!

Joey trying to learn French = endlessly entertaining

Joey and French :D ~ Friends ~ Episode Quotes ~ Season Episode 13 ~ The One Where Joey Speaks French ~