The Duke's Redemption- Drake and Elise

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an old stone stove with pots on it
Herculaneum - Grande Taberna 2
Herculaneum - Grande Taberna. This Taberna has a counter inside and was supposedly a Roman fast-food outlet. Turner, Paul. Herculaneum - Grande Taberna. 12 Sept. 2008. Flickr. Yahoo! Web. 26 Sept. 2011.
an old document with red flowers on the bottom and writing in black ink above it
NARA Exhibit: American Originals, Part 2: The Treaty of Paris, 1783
The Treaty of Paris, ending the American Revolutionary War
a man dressed in period clothing and holding an umbrella
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the tv series turn 4 is out today
Telfie • Social Network for Entertainment
ORIGINALS BY ITALIA's #AMC #Turn: #Marathon #tvtag #sticker- Great new show about the actual spyring I studies when researching The Duke's Redemption years ago.
a man in a trench coat looking at the camera
TURN Season 1 Cast Photos - Seth Numrich (Ben Tallmadge) --He makes me think of Christian Sayer.
a brown horse is running in the grass with its head turned to the side and it's hair blowing in the wind
Superio Requine
Waterford - Inspiration for Elise's horse, Freedom
the duke's redemption by carala capshaw, historical historical romance
(Love Inspired Historical): The Duke's Redemption by| Carla Capshaw. Set in Charleston, SC and England during the American Revolution.
the large building has many windows and towers on it's sides, along with green grass
a man standing next to a dog in front of a wall
More inspiration for Drake
Colonial Williamsburg fashion.
Colonial Williamsburg fashion.