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an old well in the middle of a field with grass and trees around it, surrounded by stone buildings
Pompeii Roman House. Italy
Pompeii Roman House. Italy
an old doorway with carvings on the wall and floor in front of it, surrounded by stone pillars
Beautifully preserved doorway, Pompeii
an empty room with a picnic table in the middle
Excavations of Herculaneum| Visit Herculaneum Booking Hotel
Herculaneum atrium with intact compluvium (hole in the ceiling for rain) and impluvium (porous rock basin that collected the rain water and filtered it into a cistern) Ercolano atrio con compluvium intatta (foro nel soffitto per la pioggia) e impluvium (bacino di roccia porosa che raccoglieva l'acqua piovana e filtrato in una cisterna) #ercolano #herculaneum #ruins #scavidiercolano #pompeii #museum #villadeipapiri #statue #excursions #travel #italy #faunopompei #road #papyri #streets
an ornate metal stand with two birds on it
Bronze Roman Table or Stand with circular top from the Temple of Isis at Pompeii. Encyclopedia Britannica Online
an old building with stone floors and walls has a small pool in the middle that is surrounded by bricks
Roman Gold Snake Armband (A gold armband in the form of a snake from Pompeii. 1st Century Roman displayed in the Museo...) Roman Artefacts, Roman Jewellery, Roman Bracelet, Imperiul Roman, Gold Arm Band, Ancient Roman Jewelry, Ancient Jewels, Roman Jewelry
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Roman Gold Snake Armband (A gold armband in the form of a snake from Pompeii. 1st Century Roman displayed in the Museo...)
an outdoor courtyard with fountain and statues
Rome I Flashcards |
Peristyle garden, house of the Vettii, Pompeii
two pictures of the same building in different places
Roman Temples +++ drawing by Andrea Tosolini
the interior of an ancient building with stone arches
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Path of the Gladiator, Colosseum. Rome, Italy.
an old and new photo of the same building in different stages of being renovated into apartments
Romano Impero
an antique vase with figures on it in the middle of a black background, sitting on a pedestal
Photo Storage
Cameo Glass Skyphos, Roman 25 B.C.- 25 A.D.
an ancient coin with the image of a man on it
Reverse of Sestertius 64 AD, Arch of Nero, Capitoline Hill, Rome, 62 AD, bronze. Victory over Parthians, free standing columns with pedestals and suggested statues, Nero in a quadriga with Peace and Victory, Mars in a niche, a narrative the Emp. wanted the public to read.
an empty room with tables and benches in it
Atrium of a Roman house; Pompeii/Herculaneum
an empty room with no one in it
Pompeii Fauno , your accommodation near the archeological ruins!
Interior of a well preserved Roman house at Herculaneum - 1st Century CE