Walk in bath.  To. Die. For.

a bathtub that is sunk into the floor! Its like a pool in your bathroom! a bathtub that is sunk into the floor! Its like a pool in your bathroom!

Holly Hobbie

I remember Holly Hobbie from my childhood. I may have had a HH lunch box but I definitely had a Holly Hobby comforter, sheets, curtains and a Canopy bed with her print all over it.

View it and then, let's carry on. A place I must see one day and a message for everyone to follow.

THE STORY OF KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. A short film that tells the story behind the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster. Its origins at the beginning of WWII and its rediscovery in a bookshop in England in becoming one of the iconic images of the century.


Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

Gorgeous Zucchetti Kos Geo 180 freestanding bathtub in outdoor wooden bathroom with amazing ocean view. Beautify Your Modern Bathroom Design With These Modern Zucchetti Faucets, Showers, And Tubs

Love round windows!

Art A lovely bedroom with a vaulted ceiling painted the same neutral tones as the walls, and an unusual large, round window (via Frederick Frederick Architects) home-decor


Jessica Florence - The Internet has created animal sensations from cats and dogs to lemurs and penguins; thanks to Jessica Florence, mice are now added to the mix.

Home Decor by teconlene : Nicely done!

I am going to find a happy place Print 8 x 11.5 - Home Decor digital illustration airplane origami heart fly freedom cream natural

Come with me. I am going to find a happy place Print 8 x 115 Home by teconlene,

The Best Harbour and Ocean Swimming Pools in Sydney

When I lived in Sydney I would swim from Tamarama to Bronte, Bondi and across Bondi Bay and around Wedding Cake Island at Coogee regularly.

zen decor cool hot tub idea

bathrooms - zen bathroom, zen bathrooms, Zen bathroom Stone sunken tub with Asian zen buddha accents!

daisy very pretty I love the aspect

Flower Photography, aqua blue teal turquoise yellow cream decor photo colorful print daisy wall art spring, 11x14, 8x10 Photograph, "Vanity"

Minimalist just makes me dream

Minimal photography photos is where Minimalism comes in and that is when the art is less. That puts in some different kind of beauty, the Minimal Photography photos is clean and simple


I like carrots. Nope, I loooove carrots. They fit so nicely in my chubby hamster cheeks. (I think hamster?