Baby Shower

baby girl shower idea - like the utensil basket, paper plates, paper lanterns in pink polka dot!

Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light Slushy

of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light C. of Frozen Raspberries - Make packet of Crystal Light as instructed with water. Pour ice, frozen raspberries and then crystal light drink into blender, blend and enjoy

Baby stuff bouquet

DIY Onesie Bouquet for baby shower! morgangreaves DIY Onesie Bouquet for baby shower! DIY Onesie Bouquet for baby shower!

baby shower food

Not Your Average Baby Shower - Ideas Up The Whazoo

watermelon baby shower food have also seen this not as a stroller but as 'baby fruit salad'; the way the fruit is placed inside hallowed watermellon looks like a baby

100 Ways to Encourage a New Mom - Love this list!

Want to encourage new moms? 100 tips to encourage new moms. How to help a new mom.

diaper wreath

How to Make a Diaper Wreath. A beautiful diaper wreath is a unique, easy to make gift that can serve as a decoration until it's used by the mom-to-be. It requires fewer diapers than a diaper cake and takes up less room because it can be.

Sweet Pink Popcorn

Sweet Pink Popcorn

Pink Popcorn - Take popped popcorn, melt sugar and add food color and shake in a paper bag!


Simple Baby Shower Favors You Can Make

Baby food jar favors - start saving jars from Little Mister to use at Diamond Lola's shower this fall.

baby shower

You've probably heard that throwing a shower for someone's second baby is often referred to as a "sprinkle". I decided to run with that theme for my friend's baby girl shower. another site that gave inspiration for Julie's sprinkle 2013

would be perfect for a "cute as a button" baby shower!

Peanut Butter Button Cookies, Peter Rabbit Shower WHAT could be more perfect than to have a button lover finding a way to make cookies that look like buttons Have to leave off the peanut butter.not a fan of peanut butter :-( LOVE this idea