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No Braces Necessary for the Sheepshead Fish With Human-like Teeth! | Featured Creature

The Giant Stingray, found in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia's muddy rivers, can grow up to 1,200 pounds. Due to their painful sting, they're also called "wish-you-were-dead fish." (photo: Zeb Hogan)


40 Meanest Fish

Anyone else not realize that Leatherback Turtles were so huge? Adults average 1–1.75 m (3.3–5.74 ft) in carapace length, 1.83–2.2 m (6.0–7.2 ft) in total length and weigh 250 to 700 kg (550 to 1,500 lb). The largest ever found, however, was over 3 metres (9.8 ft) from head to tail, including a carapace length of over 2.2 metres (7.2 ft), and weighed 916 kilograms (2,020 lb).

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Scientists' bizarre catch: a shark within a shark

Turducken’ of the sea–scientists off Delaware catch shark within a shark In a bizarre capture, bait is attacked by 3-foot shark, which is then 'completely swallowed' by a large sand tiger shark

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Trained shark kills lionfish


Trained shark kills lionfish