Learning about our skeleton

Human Body: Learning About Bones

human body unit from Spell Outloud Homeschool - includes printable toddler sized skeleton and other fun hands-on activities heres an idea for little man

meet your organs! cute site for the kids

This is such a fun image of all the organs in the body. Not to mention, this site is a perfect resource for providing fun images of the different body parts. CLS could print out images and use these when educating children about organs and the body.

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Learning what makes up our blood - really really great way to show them!!

Human Body: Learning About Blood - Spell Out Loud.Great Experiment for kids to learn about blood. Gross, but cool on so many levels!

felt anatomy

Learning about our bodies is fun with felt

Fun with Felt Anatomy! Life size anatomy cut outs. Discuss parts and place on child sized cutout. then take the individual parts and place them on the child herself!

Great craft on teaching the little ones that our skeletons are on the inside.

Human Body: Learning About Bones

draw bones on black paper (painted) with chalk-- layers of body - add in systems?

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