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63 Family Values “Arrested Development” Taught You

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arrested development

Buster's photobooth moment with a sheep. From Arrested Development. I know nothing about Buster but I love sheep!

"He lost his left hand, so he's going to be 'all right.'"...Poor Buster!

Arrested Development - The Literal Doctor

Mom signed me up for the army just because the fat man dared her to.

First Photos Of The "Arrested Development" Cast Fully Reunited. Tobias is awesome! I'm so excited!

Arrested Development

Arrested Development Buster in the photo booth cross stitch pattern

would you like a banger in the mouth? oh sorry you Americans call it a sausage in the mouth...

Featherbottom lol :) from Arrested Development.I LOVE Arrested Development!

Best show ever. So excited to see the new season!' If you don't watch arrested development --DO.

Arrested Development "Hey, pal, you alone?" "Almost always, yeah.

Arrested Development - that show was THE BOMB.

This Arrested Development Quotes t-shirt displays drawings and quotes from the TV show. Get the Arrested Development Collage shirt and recall the show's scenes.

without fail every single time they said his name on arrested development I laugh so hard!!

Bob Loblaw, Attorney at Law Arrested Development, best TV show in the history of shows!

Arrested Development chickens--I laugh so hard anytime one of them does theirs

33 Jokes Only "Arrested Development" Fans Will Appreciate

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