Keep Going.

Keep Going.

peaceful and wild.

I'll always pick boots over heels.

Take me !!!

My perfect date! Just add a bit of man ass lol!


I can remember making a mud slide into our creek with my brother, so much fun!


My crush sticks his tounge out when he's concentrating on something or when he's drawing and it looks stupid to everyone else but it looks cute to me


A Country Boy Can Survive ~ Hank Williams Jr.

I'm country!

4 wheeling or truck mudding

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That's a fact!!!

I will always be a Southern woman. I love the South, and manners, and saying yes ma'am, and sweet tea, and dogwood trees blooming in April. The south is where I learned to honor and respect my family and my GOD

Diesel tips #166

dieseltip - such a fun fact to know!


Or you just hear funny

Thank Ya' Kindly #southernsayings #thankyakindly

63 Sayings You Learned From Your Southern Grandma

Thank Ya' Kindly #southernsayings #thankyakindly