Rock Pools, Nova Scotia, Canada

Real(Mislabeled) - Pinned as: "Rock Pools, Canadian Mountains" - These are Natural pools in Huanglong, Sichuan China.

14. The Seven Sacred Pools, Maui. The 21 Most Magical Spots in Hawaii.

The 21 Most Magical Spots In Hawaii

Rio Celeste Waterfall with the blue waters, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste waterfall, Costa Rica - Got into this one via horseback. I have a water fall! That you have to get to on horseback! Can it get any better!

Kauai, Hawaii by PatrickSmithPhotography on Flickr.

Haena Surf Kauai, Hawaii This is a beautiful beach scene. Haena is for surfing. Not great for swimmers, but beautiful

The beach is a place that I enjoy being at. It gives me a sensation of peace and harmony. I love to play and relax at the beach, trying to find new and interesting objects. The scenery for me at the beach is forever lasting.

Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho @jerrolynn noble - this looks just like the picture u sent me a few days ago :)

Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho JERROLYNN noble - this looks just like the picture u sent me a few days ago cake craft art photography

Ke'e Beach Park ~ Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii

The Rise of Ke'e(Ke’e Beach, Kaua’i Island, Hawaii, USA). by Andrew Shoemaker on

Rio Tinto [red river], Spain

nature as the artist creating its own surrealist abstract landscape Rio Tinto [red river], Huelva, Spain. The red color come from the iron deposits present on the Earth in this area. Iron mines were opened by the Romans more than 2000 years ago.