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Needle in a Haystack: Finding the perfect needle for your project

How to pick the perfect cross stitch needle for your next project.

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How to make an isolated stitch. I've never seen this method before - must try!

Samplers, Silks and Linens: Isolated Stitch


Unraveling the Secrets of the Pull Skein

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Blog Superb

Ever wonder why your embroidery floss pull skeins end up in a knotted mess? Here's how to find the correct end to pull!

Unraveling the Secrets of the Pull Skein

Ii Horse

Horse Hen

Sheep Book

Ii 05

Rabbit Sheep

Fair Ii

Book Fairs

1 Series

Country Fair

Book No.2_Country Fair 2_2/5

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Elizabeth Hill

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Stitch Notforgottenfarm

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Love it.

~ Notforgotten Farm ~

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Loop knot or loop start - This is a really great way to start stitching without having to tie a knot (which is never recommended) or weaving the thread end under other stitches.

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Samplers and Door Stops Click picture to enlarge it is amazing!

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Samplers and Santas: finishing

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Stacy Nash Primitive Designs: original design

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"How to Over-Dye Embroidery Floss and Cotton Threads"

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hang cross stitch ornaments w/ pin. How clever!

Samplers and Santas: Simpler...

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Stacy Nash Primitive Designs: Fun at the Farm....

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Our Pioneer Homestead: Free Ornament Patterns! Christmas Workshop 5

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How to get the Primitive look- I dip each stitched ornament in 3 tbsp instant coffee/ 1 cup water. - I squeeze out, and pat onto a towel, and place on a baking sheet, on my oven's lowest setting. I lift them and turn them every 4 minutes, opening the oven door also helps prevent scalding. - When they are only slightly damp, I remove them , and finish off the drying using an iron. I press quickly, as not to scald the fabric.

Our Pioneer Homestead: free primitive patterns

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550 703

Embroidery Cross

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Live simply freebie

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Stitch Notforgottenfarm

Freehand Cross

Notforgotten Farm Cross Stitch

freehand cross stitch (notforgottenfarm!!!)

Notforgotten Farm: ~ Crash Course ~

Wine Cross Stitch

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Count Don'T

Count Cross

Walking Dead Cross Stitch

The Walking Dead Crochet

Talk To Me

Don'T Talk

Knitting Problems

:) I hate it when I lose count cross stitching or crocheting!!!! Don't talk to me when I am counting!!

stitchcount_zpsade9d4cd.jpg Photo by Robin | Photobucket

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Lydia Broome a pineberry lane design

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Tea Dyed Paper

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Dying Fabrics

Dye Fabrics

great round up of DIY fabric dye tutorials

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Cross Stitch Finishes Ideas

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x stitch

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Rosemary Silk

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Natural dyeing with rosemary

rosmarinus officinalis

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Focus on Finishing Cross Stitch finishing blog

Focus on Finishing

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Needlework Tutorials Ideas

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American Pie Designs by Melanie Pinney: New Tutorial: "How to Over-Dye Embroidery Floss and Cotton Threads"

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Calico Rabbit: Tutorial you have to try - how to over dye cotton floss

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14 Count Cross Stitch

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... printable graph paper for cross stitch

Cross Stitch Graph Paper