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It's 2012, so where's my flying car? (photos

The Honda Fuzo prototype is an ideal personal flying car. Four turbines propel the vehicle, which is in theory capable of speeds of up to 400 mph. #flyingcars


It's 2012, so where's my flying car? (photos) - CNET

Proxima is the car bike hybrid concept a two-seater hybrid vehicle with a car view in front and a motorcycle look at the rear. What do we think?


Proxima Two Seater Hybrid Vehicle | Green Design Blog Gray Design's Zeus Twelve designs Sigma, futuristic vehicle, supercar, black car, concept car, automobile, futuristic car, luxury car, carbon fiber, sportscar, future car


Gray Design's Zeus Twelve makes luxury vehicles for the ultra-wealthy - Bornrich

1958 Sir Vival, raised turret provides the driver with maxium visbility, a goal furthered by a 360 degree wrap-around screen that constantly rotated past built-in squeegees to wipe it clean. ~ M.S.M. Gish ~ Miks' Pics "Era Automobiles l" board @


Sir Vival (1958) - Blog