Pablo - Arquero inglés, siglo XV

Human Bandit Archer, common to the eastern bogs of Dolsiel. They strike their opponents from a distance and from all directions, making it difficult to eliminate and entire troop.

17th century embroidered casket

English Maker -- Casket with Embroidered Panels, Century -- High quality reproduction art prints, canvases, postcards, greeting cards -- Fitzwilliam Museum Prints

Founding Father | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Barbara Drake Boehm, Paul and Jill Ruddock Curator, tells the story of Saint Guilhem as it is depicted on a painted coffret in the Cloister of Saint-Guilhem.

The political adviser, depicted in a sketch from 1530, was executed after failing to save the marriage of King Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves

Cromwell was a party animal who loved to entertain and gamble

Great art from Art Authority for iPad: George Nevill, Baron Bergavenny by Holbein, Hans the Younger

Caja relicario con escenas de la vida de Juan el Bautista, 1300 Bizancio, Constantinopla, fines del período bizantino, del siglo 14 témpera y oro sobre madera, general - h: 9.00 w: 23,50 d: 9,00 cm (h: 3 1/2 W: 9 1/4 d: 3 1/2 pulgadas). Regalo de Bruce Ferrini en memoria de Robert P. Bergman 1999.229.a

Reliquary Box with Scenes from the Life of John the Baptist, Byzantium, Constantinople Culture: Byzantine century Material: Tempera and gold on wood Dimensions: × × 9 cm

Cabinet with personifications of the Five Senses, third quarter of 17th century  English  Satin worked with silk and metal thread, purl, chenille, seed pearls, coral beads, and mica; tent knots, rococo, satin, couching, and detached buttonhole stitches, knots; woven metal thread trim; silk and paper lining

Cabinet with personifications of the Five Senses, third quarter of century English This small cabinet is fitted for writing instruments and has an unusual construction for an embroidered box—the.

Portrait de Charles V, peintre anonyme de l'école espagnole 16e siècle

Portrait of Charles V of Hasburg (Ghent, King of Spain and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Painting by a Spanish school.