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Ford and Lee

kiki-kit: /// Can you hear the sounds of my heart shattering into a thousand and one pieces?

Gravity Falls pueden correr pero no esconderce

GIF Triangle shaped stick man one eye with hat flying in sky, Gravity Falls Bill Cypher that evil isosceles “ELOO LV ZDWFKLQJ ” translated into "Bill Is Watching." No joke I did by myself, I have memorized the Ceasar Cipher for this kind of stuff.

A combo of mable and bill We shall call it mabill

Dipper having a natural aptitude for magic is one of my favorite headcanons.  Art by elentori on tumblr.

If you haven’t yet, you should be reading Payment in Blood by spyroforlife. It has one of the best dark!dippers in my opinion. And the relationship between him, bill and magic in general is spot-on. (read tags though they aren’t kidding about the gore)

I loved this part especially the voice actor one in the middle

Driving through weirdness bubbles. I loved this part especially the one with the voice actors in the middle