Bubble Pink vintage inspired phone (Amazon)

Pretty pink phone would love this for my kitchen! It was common to find the house phone in the kitchen in the

1950 Raytheon TV

Some of these old tv's were a tad before my time, but all we ever had when I was a kid was hand me down tv sets sooo, We did have these tv's when I was a kid!

1934 Stratton Art Deco Non Spill Heron or Stork Red Compact 1930s

1934 Stratton Art Deco Non-Spill Heron or Stork Red Compact 1930s

Colorful vintage glass insulators

Glass telegraph insulators come in a variety of colors, Dad was a telephone lineman. So we had a few of these sitting around.

vintage library catalog drawers

I want a vintage card catalog SO BADLY! Cool Library card catalog storage Dishfunctional Designs: Vintage Library Card Catalogs Transformed Into Awesome Furniture

portable phonograph RCA Victor Special, 1937. Aluminium.

design-is-fine: “John Vassos, portable phonograph RCA Victor Special, Aluminium. Via Wolfsonian ”

1899 - The Public Telephone Company Shaver 12 button desk set

The Shaver desk set model was introduced in It has 12 buttons and is set up for connections with 12 other inter-office telephones. The patent was issued May