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Ted Kincaid, Open Sea, 2011

View Open Sea 801 by Ted Kincaid on artnet. Browse more artworks Ted Kincaid from Talley Dunn Gallery.

Abstract & Surreal Photography

Funny photography, pictures created by illusion. At first glance these images seem ordinary, yet on closer inspection you can see that each picture has a funny feature.

such a unique photograph

Romain Laurent Burnout Syndrome - By the end of the year, I'm sure more than one person can relate to the Romain Laurent 'Burnout Syndrome' photo series.

"The Double-Edged Falconer." (By: Gregory Colbert.)

Man and Animal - Canadian filmmaker and photographer Gregory Colbert captured the relationship between man and animal. He travelled the world's most exotic spots to document the coexisting of man and animal for his photos

Space hoppers, Glasgow 1970

Boys in a Glasgow back court show off their Christmas presents, which include astronaut suits and Space Hoppers. 1970 // MOMA, Century of the Child - I love my Glasgow

Where does this path lead. SpoonChallenge: A Month of Drawing, Week 1 Inspiration

missing snow covered mountains and winter drives through Candler, NC.