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Musicians, Songwriters, & Producers that are all about Transformations

Transformational, Visionary, Heart Centered, Global Musicians, Songwriters, and Producers.
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The Piano GUYS are AWESOME, AMAZING... Jon Schmidt-Piano,Steven Sharp Nelson-Cellist, the guys behind the scenes that make it all happen:Paul Anderson - Tel Stewart - Al Van Der Beek...

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Amae Love is an eclectic singer/ songwriter with a sultry, soulful voice that embodies a modern approach to soul, blues, R and jazz. Similar to artists like Amy Winehouse & Adele, Amae takes the best of that classic vintage sound and combines it with soulful, bluesy melodies paired with positive & empowering lyrics. She likes to call this style “Singin’ the Purples” as in: a higher consciousness version of the blues.

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Skyler Jett ... Grammy recognized Singer, Songwriter & Producer gets positive response with his powerful movement of creating Conscious Music For Causes

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Om Stream created by Michael Perricone. The place to download music of a higher vibration. Pick the songs you like, choose a format and buy them for your computer, mp3 player, mobile phone or iPod. We pick each piece of world music and each artist based on their authenticity and how they fit into a holistic lifestyle.

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Christo Pellani

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Ernesto Vega

Just a mini-clip from my CellPhone Last night at LA Zoo Music Night 7/13/12 with Deepak Ramapriyan on Violin and Guitar , Vito David Vito Gregoli on Guitar, Jim Tauber on Keys and Christo Pellani on Percussion... Primordial Sonics More Clips and Edited full set versions to come... — with Vito David Vito Gregoli and Christo Pellani at LA Zoo. "Vito"David Vito Gregoli

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