Marina Abramovic / Ulay Imponderablia, 1977


Marina Abramović's Kitchen | Dazed

Kyle Bean

In Anxious Anticipation

Kyle Bean

In Anxious Anticipation

Russel Cameron’s Unsettling Sculptures of Flesh and Bone | Hi-Fructose Magazine

Russel Cameron’s Unsettling Sculptures of Flesh and Bone

Lauren Kalman

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Behold, Jessica Wohl's "Hairy Staircase" installation: 2011. synthetic hair, fabric and steel installed in the abandoned Mountainaire Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Mountainaire Hotel - JESSICA WOHL

Marina Abramovic & Ulay. Imponderabilia NL (1977).

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A still from Dalí's first film with Luis Buñuel, Un Chien Andalou. The 1929 silent short emerged from a conversation the two artists had about their dreams: Buñuel had seen a cloud slicing the moon in two "like a razor blade slicing through an eye"; Dalí's dream had featured a hand crawling with ants

the Guardian

Remembering Salvador Dalí

Obese Fleshy Figurines - The Mu Boyan Fat Man Sculpture Series is Seriously Overweight (GALLERY)

Obese Fleshy Figurines : Fat Man Sculpture

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Carly Ayres

Sarah Sitkin

Morbid Sculptures By Sarah Sitkin


Bizarre Ceramic Figures By Jason Briggs

Tokion Magazine

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Teddy Bear with teeth Decorative Doll by UncannyCreatures


Teddy Bear with teeth - Decorative Doll - Handmade and OOAK - EDGAR /Made to order/ Quirky Uncanny Scary Creepy Cute

Xooang Choi

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Kate Clark

Little Girl


GIF of the Day: Emilio Bianchic's LGBP


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It's Art, Dad


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Colors / Gigot / Hands / Sensible / Women / Gros Gigot de Veau

Pink Bunny Ears - Ham Wallet 2014

Rodebjer / Rubyfruit Jungle - Martin Vallin Photography

Martin Vallin Photography

#DADABOX #milkmagazine L'ETUI A CREVETTES Source :

MilK - Le magazine de mode enfant
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