I feel like Ruu's friends at the hospital would've teased her a lot about Jhidek, especially after she seemed to marry him out of the blue after being quite content to remain single for as long as they'd known her. (Deviant.)

"You are blind if that's all you see. A moron of the highest caliber, sweetie." Kind of a pretty boy, isn't he?

I <3 trail running

'The Road Goes Ever On and On' by LesEssences adventure wanderlust nature xx

And where the light does rarely shine, darkness does dwell..........

Isolated, abandoned, creepy cottage deep in the dark forest, shrouded by an eerie mist.

Dark gray sky over calm green ocean waters. Has a calming quality.


Fog, forest, and river.

"Why is he still alive?" "Because he's stubborn. He wants to see her again before he dies." He lifted his head wearily, looking at the two men talking. Even without seeing himself, he knew there was fire in his eyes. He could still do it. Just one more week, then he'd see her. Even if he did go insane. (Open RP.)

" Booker spit blood in the mans face, earning him a solid punch to the abdomen. Well, there goes another rib. The man smiled, "You don't know her as well as I do then.

ArtStation - Jaina face, George Panfilov

ArtStation - Jaina face, George Panfilov Portrait of a female

in the forest, dark and deep...

twisted twin trees by Desiree Dolron

A Woman in Science — davidreno: Waves Reza Bassiri

Thrown into the lake to drown  by the King's men.

Thrown into the lake to drown by the King's men.

Princess Adrenna Victoria Athena Majken Vendela Nikoli of the Kingdom of Glacies Cordis

Going Grey, The New Hair TrendJust like clothing trends, hair trends are constantly evolving. From ombré to pastels to platinum blonde, it seems like as soon as you try the newest trend, there’s.

Majestic, simple, complex... all at once.

On a Trail with the Stars - See 12 Pictures of Space You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped & Enjoy Real Out of Space Treasures

When your own body fails you, sometimes the only thing making you get back up is the knowledge that if you don't, someone else will die.

(Anonymous Creep by Liisa Härmson)


Fog which would scare some and cause them to turn back only instills excitement within me.

Getting out.

1824, image by Torgredt Urg

Sometimes the hardest things and the right things are one and the same.escape into the light