Moon reflection


sun set

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beautiful-disaster-777: “Nox. Sweet dreams ”


Fireworks Over The Moon

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Photography Inspiration. Starry Sky

Photography inspiration | #447 | From up North

Then I stepped into the glorious light. I once was lost, but now I'm found...was blind but now I see. Despite all that, I still keep a little darkness within, so that I may deal with things that go bump in the night and that which comes to do harm.

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Kevin Cooley's Stunning Photographs Of Fire And Smoke


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A picture that goes with the story I will be writing. ~Star Seeker

135 / 365 by OliviaRosePhoto on deviantART

Season Of The Witch - A Southern Gothic Tale

Ghost forest

by Dmitry Ageev


** idea (the moon hid in thr bed like clouds) READ about THREE RIVERS DEEP book series @ ***A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery... (pic source: "Tickled Pink Moon" 2005, Western Australia )


(Closed rp) "you know when you said we'd have to go through a dark wood, I thought you were exaggerating.... I was wrong" I gulp a bit. "This place is a bit uneasy"


Into the dreaming

*** by Dmitry Ageev | 500px

He watched with hooded eyes as the dark wisps swirled around his hands once more with a twitch of a finger. The black smoke ran delicately across his arms before sharply recoiling from the sunlight that peeked through his bedroom curtain. Just like him, it hated the light.

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Super moon on Lake Champlain, taken from Grand Isle, VT

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Fourth of July fireworks over Lake Union in Seattle look like shooting stars with the rising full moon. Moon and Fireworks photo by Marcus Donner

Photojournalist Marcus R. Donner Editorial and Assignment Photographer • Seattle • Telling Stories in Pictures

North Casade National Park, Washington by Graham Clark

Winter Sunrise by Graham Clark

#photography I find this image quite scary...



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If you start investing in counter productive thoughts, like fear and worry, you are actually not only using your energy, but these thoughts also bring this into your reality. -Bruce Lipton (Image: Kazuaki Art Works)

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Crown Me| Be Inspirational ❥|Mz. Manerz: Being well dressed is a beautiful form of confidence, happiness & politeness

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The fog rolled in on the sleepy swap. The boat's bell fell silent in the thickening air. The captain's map was useless. Where were they and would they ever find their way back?

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