Carly Pandza

Carly Pandza
Los Angeles, CA / I’m a bold, baldy organizing "You Are Not Your Hair" a charity event on August 16th, 2014 in Los Angeles where hundreds of women will shave their heads.
Carly Pandza
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Honey for my honey!

This adorable glass beehive is purposeful about storing and dispensing honey with the accompanying unfinished wood dipper. Natural beehive shape is realized in industrial-strength clear borosilicate glass with a ringed dipper designed for controlled drizz

We LOVE pizza SO much! Haha!

Turn your charcoal grill into a wood-burning pizza oven. Pizza frame with thermometer, pan and baking stone lets you amp up the fiery heat for the best results on an or kettle grill. Pizza peel is there to help slide pies on and off the grill.

WE <3 movie nights!

Pop up to six quarts of perfect popcorn with this easy-to-use black stovetop popper with an exclusive Crate and Barrel stamp. Fill with your choice of popcorn then add as little as one teaspoon of oil.

At my friends wedding your last name was determined by your fav bfast food. Introducing Mr & Mrs. Carly Pancakes & Mr. James DutchBabies Pandza-Meddock!

Angled for precision flipping of larger foods, this non-scratching omlette-pancake spatula combines a generous, thin white nylon head with brushed stainless handle.

So I can make him his mom's famous 'Chocolate Swirly Cake."

A baking classic in carbon steel with an easy-release nonstick finish and convenient dishwasher cleanup. Heavy-gauge, professional-weight cake pan heats quickly and evenly and will not rust or warp.