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Esposa: Este guarda-chuva sempre me pertenceu, TM sou eu... Embora, eu perdi ele a alguns anos atras .. quanto eu fui a este clube de dança ... Os Dois: No dia dos Namorados ... Ted: e você deixou lá ... e você nunca pensou que iria vê-lo novamente ... Esposa: como é engraçado às vezes você apenas encontrar coisas ... Ambos: oi

Ted and Tracy. Funny how the littlest things can bring two people together. And i loved how everything through the way was going to be completed when she arrived. I just feel sad that they made Ted go after Robin again and broke Robin and Barney up

How I Met Your Mother finale. one of my favorite moments with Barney

Best part of HIMYM finale - reminds me so much of how my husband was right after my oldest daughter was born :)<<<< some people see this as sweet, some see it as "Barney, get your dumbest shit together and stop having sex with random women"