Rosemary and verbena

Rosemary and Verbena, happy together at the kitchen garden at the house - Gardening Choice Org - Best Gardening Ideas

rustic planters and vintage :)

Cozy Country Garden :: A mix of patchwork, rustic planters and vintage touches combine to create this wonderful cosy country-style garden.

potted herbs.. love..this display :)

Garden potted plant display Alternative presentation of potted salads and herbs on a staging like this one provides an attractive and by melva

looks lovely.. like the gravel path

Country garden with billowing border Echeveria, ricinus and lilies soften a mellow brick wall, while a gravel path adds to the relaxed feel. Maybe all I need is a pea gravel path!

garden work bench

Garden work bench Position a table by a window for your indoor salad greens. Grow salad in wooden seed trays, herbs in illustrated pots and tomatoes under glass cloches.

decorative jugs :)

Decorative garden jugs - An eclectic mix of jugs and teapots provides a quirky and individual planting display. You could do this with teapots, too. I don't drink tea yet I'm forever wanting to buy old teapots.

like the farmhouse table

Charming country garden For a restful cottage-style setting use a rustic farmhouse table and chairs to create an eclectic look. Gather flowers from the garden and display them in jam jars along side enamel jugs for a quintessential English garden feel.