Sarcophagus and lid with relief of Married couple. Etruscan circa late 4th–early 3rd century B.C

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Gold mounted memorial ornament: 1683 from the Museum of London

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Wooden cat toy from Thebes, Egypt with moving jaws and bronze teeth. It dates from the New Kingdom period, 1550–1070 BCE

British Museum cats » Little House of Cats

Bone figurine with articulated arms and legs [Greek; Said to be from Tarentum] (11.212.43) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Tang Dynasty

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Phoenician Glass Eye Bead Necklace, c. 6th-2nd..

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High Res - Bodom #Bead, powder glass. West Africa, 19th century. W. 3.2 cm, Diam. 4.8 cm. Collection of The Corning Museum of #Glass, 73.3.351. #cmogbeads

Bodom Bead

Bactrian Bone Spindle Whorls 8 to 30mm. in diameter

Bactrian Bone Spindle Whorls 48cm 19 inch strand | eBay

Roman mosaic bead (B.C. 2-A.D.2) 3 faces with necklace and 3 floweres. Pandamo collection~

Nomad Beads | The Best Bead Shop in Boulder, Colorado

Wooden toy cat. Thebes, Egypt; Middle Kingdom (1550-1070 BC)

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Illustrations from Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing, by Zakarīyā’ ibn Muḥammad al-Qazwīnī, originally published in 1283

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Fragment of a gold wreath, Greek 320-300 BC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Ring Place of origin: Europe (Western, made) Date: ca. 1400 (made)

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Circular clay tablet from Lagash, Iraq, c. 1980 B.C.


ANCESTRAL FEMALE FIGURE Valdivia Culture - Ecuador 3500 - 2000 BC Limestone - William Siegal Gallery

Ancestral Female Figure - William Siegal Gallery

Celtic Iron Age stone head found near Claudy, UK dates ca. 200 BC - 200AD. The head was important to the ancient Celts because they considered it the seat of emotions. [paraphrase BBC NEWS]

BBC News - Iron Age stone head goes to auction

Labirinto do Outeiro do Cribo, A Armenteira, Meis, Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. Possibly dating from as early as the Bronze Age (though rock carvings are notoriously difficult to date with certainty).

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Saul Steinberg (one color highlight)

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Winged Phallus, found in a temple of Dionysus, in Delos Island, Greece, 300 BC

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The Illuminated Sketchbook of Stephan Schriber (1494) | The Public Domain Review

The Illuminated Sketchbook of Stephan Schriber (1494)

1. Glass bottle in the form of a fish 200 -300 AD Arles, Gaul...


ancientpeoples: Gold Ring Roman 1st-3rd Century AD A child’s gold good luck ring with a phallus in relief. Source: British Museum


xphaiea: Pendant 2nd–3rd century Culture: Ostrogothic Medium: Gold, rock crystal


Egyptian paint box of Vizier Amenemope,  dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep II, ca. 1427-1401 BC.


Valdivian Stone N223

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